NIGHTHAWK 100 High Power Cree Torch. Torch Only

NIGHTHAWK 100 High Power Cree Torch. Torch Only
NIGHTHAWK 100 High Power Cree Torch. Torch Only
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NIGHTHAWK 100 High Power Cree Torch. Torch Only NIGHTHAWK 100 High Power Cree Torch. Torch Only NIGHTHAWK 100 High Power Cree Torch. Torch Only NIGHTHAWK 100 High Power Cree Torch. Torch Only
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Welcome to the NIGHTHAWK range of torches, these are the brightest torches that money can buy boasting some simply amazing statistic.

Bright enough to pick out a crowd surfer at over 300m!  Powered by a recargeable 14500 battery or  1 AA battery, sold separately

The incredible NIGHTHAWK 100 puts out over 1000 lumens With a length of only 115mm this is small enough to fit in a pocket or small torch holder,

If your looking for Bigger try our NIGHTHAWK 300 or NIGHTHAWK 500


















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