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How does the Kit4Security Associates Programme work?

Kit4Security Associates Programme provides a unique way for your website or blog to link to our products choosing from any of our selection of categories.

Apply now to join Kit4Security Associates Programme, build affiliate links to K4S, make your first sale and earn up to 25% advertising fees for the sales you generate. Indeed, the Associates Programme is an easy and efficient way to earn money by advertising Kit4Security products & offers on your website or social networking page.

Do you have a question before joining the programme? Contact us.

Building Links

It's easy to build K4S affiliate links to earn advertising fees. When you add these links to your web page, blog post or social media, and visitors to your page click on them, you earn up to 25% of all purchases made during their shopping session.

Text and Product Links

Link to a specific product on Kit4Security and show information about that product. The Product Links tool lets you build customized Text Links, Text and Image links, and Image only links to K4S products. Your links will include your Associate tag and you will be paid for qualifying sales coming through this link identification.

How to Create a Simple Affiliate Link

Creating a simple affiliate link just a matter of taking the link and adding the affiliate ID at the end of the link like the following: http://www.kit4security.com/store/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=42&tracking=5065c5509cf1d
“5065c5509cf1d″ is the affiliate ID in the above example. You can now send this link via email and whenever anyone clicks on this link and lands on the site, the clicks will be recorded against the affiliate whose affiliate ID is “5065c5509cf1d″.

If you are linking to a particular post or page (e.g. a Sales Page) then it will look similar to the following: http://www.kit4security.com/store/SIA-Approved-Badges?tracking=5065c5509cf1d

Now, if you want to make a text link to be used on a site then you just need to know how to select a bit of text and turn it into a link.

Or to simply use an affiliate link for our entire website insert the following into any post, blog page or social media platform interface, remembering first to replace the tracking number with your own. http://www.kit4security.com/store/index.php?tracking=5065c5509cf1d

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